This unfortunate scenario shows how heritage gets sidelined and once destroyed authenticity and raison d’être are left bereft and unretrievable. Outrageous that no one party to the plans saw the ‘bigger picture’ – why educate for poor decisions to be made?

The Heritage Journal

We recently praised plans for a new Heritage Trail in Didcot. Well, its appears that we were too quick off the mark, and all is not quite what it seems when it comes to preserving Didcot’s heritage.

According to a report on the BBC web site,  planning permission has been granted for a new road which will cut through the site of a Bronze Age pond barrow – one of the features to be included in the planned trail. A spokeperson for the developers Taylor Wimpey said that “archaeology has already been cleared from the area”,  with no apparent understanding that the site itself may have significance whether the archaeology is removed or not – and how exactly do you ‘remove’ a pond barrow? Where has it been removed to? For ‘cleared’, should we read ‘destroyed’?

Local campaigner Karen Waggot pointed out the hypocrisy of the developers, stating “Just a few weeks…

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