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Happy World Environment Day!

Ways to save energy, make design more socially inclusive for wider economic benefit are the three cornerstones of sustainability shaping the construction industry nowadays.

The United Nations established this date for the first celebration to ‘…raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and planet Earth’ (Wikipedia) in 1973.

Although WED is the UN’s vehicle for action it is a useful opportunity to pause and spend time to reflect on the butterfly effect of individual efforts.

So, looking closer to home – what does this blog look like through the lens of World Environment Day?

1)   It has brought readers’ attention to the occasion!

2)   It promotes environmental, social and economic benefits embodied in heritage structures.

3)   Knowledge-sharing is inclusive to engage everyone from users of buildings to industry professionals to ultimately improve communication of teams on schemes.

4)   Discussion and sharing of ideas is encouraged to inspire action, or influence, on live projects.

I now need to check if the rest of my life is living the ‘One Planet’ dream…