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It’s been a while since my last post – being currently kept on my toes with my 7-week and 20-month old. Whilst grappling with the 24/7 job I’ve found Twitter to be a wonderful means of keeping abreast of events and thoughts from around the industry. Particularly handy is the ‘like’ feature, which means if time is short – and when isn’t it? – I can easily pick up tweets in the long Small Hours.

I have previously posted on what I found to be useful Twitter accounts for all things ‘Progressive Heritage’  – click here to view. Yet, as with all things, the conversation moves on…

…So, in the snippet of time I have, here are my current most useful accounts to follow for interesting and responsive tweets:

Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance – @STBA_UK

I have found the STBA to be a consistent source of useful information and provide links to relevant events.

Prince’s Regeneration Trust – @PrincesRegen

In the past few weeks in association with their co-hosting of the two-day Industrial Heritage Conference 2015 conference (@IHCUK15) held early December, the Prince’s Regeneration Trust has posted an interesting range of links to its work. The use of #IHCUK15 to group tweets together was particularly useful to follow live tweets during the conference, and for post-conference summaries.

The Landmark Trust – @LandmarkTrust

On the back of its television series (click here to see my post on the first episode) The Landmark Trust’s tweets have proved engaging, often accompanied by a striking image. For tweets regarding the TV series search using #RestoringBritainsLandmarks.

Historic England – @HistoricEngland

Historic England tweet an interesting range of links and images. I particularly find their engagement with the wider setting of historic properties and interest in more ‘modern’ architecture relevant. Their tweets often throw up different angles to the heritage conversation.
The HE blog ‘Heritage Calling’ is also a good read, with links to this also posted on Twitter.

I hope this post has been helpful to you to slot into whatever short window of time you may also find challenging to find…

…do you have Twitter accounts to recommend?

If I don’t catch another window soon – have a peaceful festive season!