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February 14th 2016 marks two years since my first Progressive Heritage blog post!

It has been a great journey so far – not least for connections made with others who are very supportive and interested to engage with the agenda of the empathetic re-use of buildings, in all their guises. I am, though, hugely thankful to You, my reader. Without You the posts would be little more than World Wide Web tumble weed.

Looking back the posts with the most visits are:

Retrofit for Energy-Saving: Silver Lining for Listed Buildings


Image by psychodoodle.wordpress.com


and John Campbell’s Architecture of Integrity at The Woodspeen


The Woodspeen – under construction

LinkedIn Debate…’Old Buildings – keep or demolish?’


‘Rip it up and start again…’

This post attracted more than twice the number of views than the second most popular post – and is Progressive Heritage’s most popular. Perhaps this debate will keep running and will deserve a revisit…

Highlights over the life of the blog include guest blogs for the National Design Academy and Fit for the Future, an article in Green Building Magazine, opinion quoted in The Guardian supplement, following this post on a lido, and quoted in a talk by the Building Research Establishment, following this post on the new BREEAM refurbishment and fit-out scheme.

So what is in the pipeline for Progressive Heritage?

Network expansion – I have been in Twitter conversation with fellow heritage blogger Jenna Johnston (@JennaFJohnstone) to develop a new hashtag for heritage bloggers – #blogheritage

Visit Jenna’s blog, www.jennajohnstone.co.uk

I really would love more readers to engage with the subject, find guest bloggers, and for suggestions to be offered as to which type of posts would be most appreciated by You. I hope to launch a new e-mail address for direct communication. In the meantime do contact me via Twitter @Twit_tru

Thanks again for reading! and I hope you also find this space on the web a useful resource. Do leave comments below if you have any thoughts on the blog so far, and what you would like to see more of.